July 27, 2011

Very long Weekend's!

I realized that summer is not really good time for modeling. So many girls in agency and just a few casting's a day. That's why we have a lot of free time and this trip turned into the one big weekend. It is obvious that summer is perfect time for tourism, so we enjoy the city)
I'm so jealous to Korean people because they have the opportunity to spend time in the quiet beautiful places like this park. I wish to have such park near my home.

 At this place you can relax your body, your mind and soul. The most good thing that here is no people, we met just few people who meditated and doing sport. Also here is a lot of free bench's where you can seat (Russian people will understand what I'm talking about)

Can you imagine, my Russian friend's such a nice park near your home) I wish you will be here with me to feed the duck's and spend this weekend with me.
The next place I want to show you is very touristic) So you can imagine,there are so many people running around and trying to take pictures next to each interesting stone or wood, which all take pictures, and buy up all the souvenirs with the name of this place. 
It's SEOUL TOWER. The tallest tower with a view of the whole city. But unfortunately on this evening there was a fog, so pictures are not very good.

Like every touristic place it has the conсept. The whole area around and inside the tower filled with an atmosphere of love. Everywhere is love symbols and happy couples)

It takes about half an hour to walk down from the tower, or you can use cable car. 

Also we visited Seoul Square with huge building.

How good to be a foreigner. You can act like an idiot and you don't care about what people think about you. Because you're not at home)

Did you know that it's impossibleyou to touch elbow with your tongue)

And finally I want to say about my new passion -Green tea latte. The most delicious drink I've ever tasted.Try it)

Sorry for the big post.It was very long weekend's))

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  1. Beautiful photos :) it look like really nice weekend :)