October 15, 2011

New Zara t-shirt with my portrait!

My favorite portrait by Anton Bundenko on new ZARA t-shirt. Here the link.

October 11, 2011

Fashion Collection magazine (October)

Good news from Russia! New picture's in october issue of Fashion Collection magazine.

Photo by Sergey Rogov, Stylу by Adislav Lui, Make-up by Uliana Ananina, Hair by Dilmurat Cultanov.Thank you***

October 6, 2011

Backstage: Harper's Bazaar

Such a pleasure to work for good magazine! This shooting was for November issue of Harper's Bazaar Thailand wich presenting new Chanel cosmetic.

We start our shooting day with manicure and make up. It was so hard to wait when make up artist will finish his job. Actually when there is beaty shooting wich  presents new  samples of cosmetic, models should be ready to seat about three hours and wait when make-up artist and hair stylist will finish everything. Because every detail is important.  And it's really makes you feel tired.

 By the way you can sleep while he is doing it)

I think Sasha is sleeping for sure)

You can't imagine how client's looks at you when you eating in their expensive Cnanel dress and in your make-up wich was made for two hours  

 I will post pictures from this shooting as soon as I will  buy this magazine in November)