May 30, 2011

Etnie Jewell - Ornithology collection

Wellcome back to Siberia and to my friends!
Not long time ago I had a great cooperation with my old friend Vasilina and with her brand Etnie Jewell. Just for a couple of days we made a video lookbook for her collection-Ornithology.
Model: Eleonora Rudakova
Make-up: Adislav Louis
Photo: Sergey Rogov
Video: Rita Zaharova
Video installation: Vasilina Etnie
Music: Mexicans With Guns - Death And Rebirth [Ceremony (2011)]

Sergey Rogov made a nice pictures as always while shooting

I enjoy working with this team. Thank you guys!Luv u*

May 27, 2011

New Zara T-shirt

Good news came to me while my Moscow trip. Zara produced one more t-shirt with my photos wich was made by Alisa Aiv, photographer from Novosibirsk city. Looking forward for new collection!

By the way, here the t-shirts from the last collection:

Many thanks to Leticia and Happypunt team. Great collaboration, kisses!

Hello, Moscow!

It was a nice one-week-trip to Moscow city to my boyfriend that inspired me so much!

Such stupid image's with Kremlin on the background must have every tourist