January 7, 2012

For TOPSHOP T-shirt!

With help of my lovely friend Leticia and so nice Happypuntteam, now we are on the print of TOPSHOP t-shirt!! Ofcourse this photo is so cool, because my friends and professionals cooperated again)

Actually It was shooting for video-lookbook of my friend and designer of acessories Vasilina Etnie. And so good, that  Sergey Rogov was with us that moment, because  he made this photo and now we can buy this t-shirt in Topshop! I already posted original video and pics on May 2011.You can see it here.

You can find this t-shirt on the web-site of Topshop. Just click the link) And soon  it will appear in our stores!

Special thank's to Leticia, Happypuntteam, Sergey Rogov, Vasilina Etnie, Adislav Lui and Rita Zakharova. Great JOB!!  

January 3, 2012

In VOGUE Italia

My friends and best photographers Anton Bundenko and Sergey Rogov always makes great pictures. And now we can see them on the web-site of  VOGUE Italia! Editors of this web-site chose their pics and I think it's very great news for them and for me also)Great job guys*

S. Rogov  in VOGUE.IT

 A. Bundenko in VOGUE.IT

Thank you again and again)