March 31, 2012

Airport my second home.

Have you ever heard that in Japan people don't like tattos. They dont like it so much that you cant go to the swimming pool or even to the gym with tatto on your body. If you wanna know the real reasons you can google this question)First time I heard it just when I came to the Tokyo and my agency saw my tatto ( by the way not very big and on my back). So, they dont like it so much even clients canceled my options  for the job and agency sent me home on the first day of my arrival. It was a real shock for me but I had a few days to have a walk in Tokyo. And I must say that it is  very nice city and I have no any regrets that I arrived, nevermind that on a few days  instead of two month))

So, again airports and planes, again Moscow. Then again  tears and long hugs with my boyfriend and again new trip!Hope they will like my tatto)) .