June 27, 2011

Portrait by Anton Bundenko

This is my favorite portrait by Anton Bundenko. I think it shows real me.No make-up, no posing... Thanx Anton, I'm your fan )

June 26, 2011


This look  for another part of our shooting for magazine. This time we shoot nearby and in the room of the Hilton Hotel. Image was made by Adislav Lui, hair by Dilmurat Cultanov, make up by Uliana Ananina, photos by Sergey Rogov. Soon I will post our creation. The photos will be really great)
Stelle McCartney pants

Herve Legere shirt

Celine bag

June 15, 2011

Sergey Rogov: Diamonds

S.Rogov can make perfect image from every shot!It was not even photoshooting, it's just a random shot and I like it so much)

June 11, 2011

Strict dress by Marc Jacobs

Today we had great shooting for magazine in Dublin restaurant.
Despite the fact that we were hanging out all night long before the shooting, and slept only 4 hours, everything was great!
Here you can see one of the image of this big ptotostream.



Photo by: S. Rogov
Styled by: Adislav Lui
Make up: Uliana Ananina
Hairs: Dilmurat Cultanov

Next week we will shoot another one image. Magazine will be in July.

June 9, 2011

Interview for Russian Faces!

     I was the lucky one who was interviewed by blog Russian faces, where you can find some nice story's about russian people, their life — goals and dreams, spare time and activities, friends and families.
This interview is about my beginnings in modeling career. Check it if you intrested) http://russianfaces.com/post/Eleonora-Rudakova.aspx

June 8, 2011

Sergey Rogov: Test

Thanx to Sergey Rogov. This is my favorite test in my book!

June 3, 2011

Masha Sumina: Etnie collection

 If we speak about Etnie Jewell and her amazing collection of course I should post our last shooting with Masha Sumina, our photographer from Novosibirsk. And  as usual we worked in a team of the best professionals and my good friends-Adislav Loui and Dilmurat Cultanov. So that's why the results is always great!
I adore this foxy headdress!

Make-up/Hair: Dilmurat Cultanov
Styled by: Adislav Lui
Model: Eleonora
headdress&necklace by vasilina etnie
Photo/retouch: Masha Sumina