September 30, 2014

Peter Lindbergh. 100 portraits of life.

I could not pass by the bookstore with a new album of works by Peter Lindbergh. It's called "100 photos pour la liberté de la presse". But inside you will not find any socio-political context, you will enjoy only pure art, in the beautiful portraits of women.

Kate Moss, 1994
Honestly, 100 pages of pure aesthetic pleasure. 100 portraits of the Muses, that have incredible story in their eyes. No, it's more than just a picture, this is art, this is whole life, that was captured in one moment.
I am just enjoying, that now, on my shelves "lives" this album full of pure beauty and true stories.

Monica Bellucci, 1999
Charlotte Rampling, 1982

Cate Blanchett,  2000

Tilda Swinton, 2007

Melanie Thierry, 1997
Just look into their eyes, you feel it? The story.

Don't miss the opportunity to have real pictures of good quality paper and enjoy it. 100 pictures in one book, that belong to you, much better than 100 pictures somewhere lost in the web...
Besides, the "Boss" is on the cover, that makes this album a "must have".
All proceeds from the album will be used to finance activities in favor of freedom of the press. Wich is very important fact for me, as for student of InfoCom)

Well and yes, I couldn't leave the bookstore just with one book)

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