December 29, 2011

PARIS, you are such a PARIS

Every day I talk with myself: "Can you imagine, Nora? you was in Paris!". Because I still didn't realized that I was there and that my dream came true!

The most hardest thing, is to make picture of yourself with Eifel Tower on the background. I felt myself very
stupid at that moment))

You Know, Paris is really like we imagine him)All our favorite film's, all beatiful pictures and photo's, all song's is really describe Paris like he really is. I'm saying this, because usually in films, songs and in other art you can see Russia like a big countryside with bears and vodka, where lives grandparents or some criminal people. But this is not our reality. And as for Paris, this city we imagine like fairytale and it's really like this. Paris he is such a Paris!!

Louvre was my special part of my dream. I spent there whole my day and it gave me so great inspiration and I think for  long time.

I couldn' stop to push a button on my camera, because there so many nice places and than I just decide to admire, that's why I don't have a lot of photo's.
All buildings and bridges, and parks, forces me to pray and to say thank's to all people wich I know and wich I didn't know, and of course to people wich helped me to organize this trip, because such beauty makes people kind and fills our heart with love.That's why Parisian people are very kind and polite.
Now Paris in my heart and I hope someday he will take me not only like guest for 10 day's.
"Someday, we gonna live in Paris, I promise" (c)


  1. Im jealous!!:)

  2. Paris is my dream too. But I haven´t money for realise this trip :) Very beautiful photos :) Night Paris photos from eiffel tower is the best! :)

  3. Thank you))I wish you dream come true and you will be happy as me))

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